News Values Lesson Plan


I had a lot of fun with this lesson the other day in my Journalism 1 classes. The picture above shows it in four parts, so let me explain further.

1. To start off, I had to do a little prep. I bought a couple of newspapers, magnet backing and some bright yellow paper. I wrote out the different news values on the bright paper and put the magnet backing on them essentially creating news values magnets. I used only six news values. I know there are arguments for like 11 news values, but I just stick with proximity, prominence, novelty, conflict, impact and timeliness.

2. Once the magnets were ready, I set up the classroom by taping the front pages of the newspapers to markerboard. Next to that, I put up all of the magnets that I made.

3. When class started, I gave them an overview of news values and explained what each meant. To connect their understanding of the subject, I had them all come up and label each story on the front pages with a news value magnet.

4. This picture is an example of the finished product! The kids did a great job on it and I think they liked walking around the classroom for a change!

It did take a while to prepare the magnets, but now I have them ready for the next time I work on news values!


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