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News Values Lesson Plan

I had a lot of fun with this lesson the other day in my Journalism 1 classes. The picture above shows it in four parts, so let me explain further. 1. To start off, I had to do a little prep. I bought a couple of newspapers, magnet backing and some bright yellow paper. I […]

First Amendment Heroes

So here’s an interesting lesson plan that I did with my Journalism 1 kids. We started out the day with a quick presentation on the First Amendment. I told them the five freedoms, which we discussed. I had them take a glimpse into other countries, so that they can see why Freedom of the Press […]

You Can Decorate High School Classrooms Too!

Have you ever noticed when you Google classroom decoration ideas all that comes up are elementary school rooms? I sifted through so many Google pages, Pinterest pins and teacher blogs, but to no avail. I started getting so desperate, I would sit and think to myself, “Well maybe I can make my classroom into a […]